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To reassure you that your potential Farm-Saved Seed is suitable for Processing, we offer a full range of seed testing services.

These include Germination, Viability, Vigour, 1000 grain Weight, Admix, and various disease tests, all of which are optional.
Test Comment
1. Vitascope Germination Low cost, it tells you whether the germ is alive or not. May not show up Pre-Harvest Glyphosate, or moderated drying damage
1-2 days.
2. As Grown Germination The most accurate assessment of the seeds ability to produce normal seedlings under lab conditions
10-14 days.
3. Tetrazolium Viability & Vigour Best quick Test incl. Vigour - untreated. May not show up Pre-Harvest Glyphosate, or moderated drying damage
1-2 days.
4. Grown Germ. + Vigour Overwintered Treated Seed
5. 1000 Grain Weight Seed is screened before weighing to enable calculation of optimum seed rates
1-2 days.
6. Moisture Should not exceed 16% for seed treatment.
7. Admixture/Search - Cereals 50gms Check for other species/Weeds Seeds - Blackgrass, Bromegrasses, Wild Oats etc.
1-1 days
8. Test Package Numbers 1, 3 & 4 combined
9. Tetrazolium Test Package Numbers 3, 4 & 8. NOT OSR - untreated
10. Fusarium Organic seed or untreated seed
11. Bunt Organic seed or untreated seed

Seed can be sent direct to the Seed Laboratory in our Goldingham Contracts Seed Sample Bags to be filled 2/3 full.

ORGANIC Cereal Seed Samples should be tested for disease:-

Cereal Disease Tests if concerned about seed quality:
  • Barley Tests - Loose Smut, Leaf stripe, & Net blotch,
  • Wheat Tests - Bunt, Microdochium + Septoria,
  • Oat Tests – Loose Smut, Microdochium & Leaf Spot
  • Tests for Triticale & Rye as for Wheat
Goldingham Contracts will send you a specific pre-paid NIAB Sample Bag for each sample.

Additional tests:-
These tests may be desirable under specific circumstances such as a requirement of a Buy-back Contract when sowing using Farm Processed Seed.

Test Comment Results
Varietal identity Electrophoresis to identify an unknown variety 2-3 days
Varietal Purity Phenol + Electrophoresis to check varietal purity of known variety 2-3 days
Test Comment
As Grown Germination 'Quick Tests' not possible.
Allow 2-3 weeks
1000 grain Weight Clean untreated seed
Ascochyta Strongly advised for Peas & Beans to determine seed treatment required
Stem & Bulb Nematode Now strongly recommended for all FSS Beans after recent wet springs; also to check Certified Seed supplies as there are no seed standards.
Pea Bacterial Blight Previously MAFF recommended test due to New Zealand research. but not appearing as a UK problem

Please contact me as soon as your Rape has been harvested, for rapid sampling!

Test Comment
As Grown Germination Testing (200 seeds) incl. 1000 Grain Weight, + Sampling cost incl. Most accurate method of assessment and advised where pre-harvest Glyphosate or Glufosinate used. Germ. Test will be reported. Essential 'Glyphosated' OSR
Allow 7 days
Admix Text Seedlab - 10mgs - eg Charlock Please advise if required
Rapid TZ Viability & Vigour incl. 1000 Grain Weight, + Sampling cost incl. Quick accurate test, which we use if quick turnaround is required prior to Seed Processing. Unsuitable if 'Glyphosated'
Rapid result: 3-4 days
ERUCIC Acid Testing incl. postage - STRONGLY RECOMMENDED! NIAB
Analytical Purity - 5gms, charlock/chaff etc, 1000 Grain Weight NIAB

The preferred option for Oilseed Rape is to use Goldingham Contracts Sampling Service to ensure a thoroughly representative sample is taken.
Test Comment Results
As Grown Germination Usually sent to Seed Laboratory as with cereals, unless disease tests are required 7-10 days
1000 grain Weight As above 1 day
Admix./Purity As above 1day
Disease Tests Alternaria, Botrytis, Phoma, Colleotrichum, Fusarium Sp., Mycospharella 7-10 days

Seed Test Price lists are sent out when anticipated seed processing is booked. We use independent Licensed Seed Laboratories that are the most cost-effective, appropriate, and reliable for the individual crop you wish to have tested.

The results are sent to Goldingham Contracts, so that we can discuss them with you, and then make an appropriate arrangement to clean and treat your seed when it is convenient for you.

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