We help farmers increase their yields

The sample quality of Farm Processed Seed is now usually as good as, and often better than, Certified Seed. Why?

You, the farmer, takes the first step by selecting the right variety, controlling purity with good rotation, and by following ‘standard agronomic practices’ to achieve disease and weed control.

The next step is to discuss with Goldingham Contracts the various options to determine the standard of service you require. We have mobile seed processing facilities to suit your region.

  1. We offer seed testing prior to processing, discussing your particular needs and objectives.
  2. We have three modern Mobile Seed Cleaners with latest up-to-date cleaning and processing equipment.
  3. We provide choice of latest seed treatments as for Certified Seed.
  4. Our staff are highly trained and experienced staff in understanding your own farm needs.
  5. High quality reusable bags available.
  6. Sample retained from each seed lot.
We operate 3 Mobile Seed Processors, which cater for the complete range of farm sizes and quality requirements:-

High Capacity with Gravity Selector

Handles up to 12 tonnes of Cereals per hour for Cleaning & Treatment output, with Gravity Selector - This machine is for the larger seed lots where time is short and the farmer has the ability to handle the seed in large trailers and bulk bags. The complete range of seed treatments, and bag sizes up to 1.5t. is available. 100 tonnes can be processed in a day.

Smaller Unit with Gravity Selector

Capacity up to 8 tonnes per hour for Cereals. This machine, which also has a Gravity selector, has been designed to cope with the smaller cereal seed lots on smaller mixed farms, notably West of the River Severn, capable of handling 500kg or 50Kg bags.

Conventional Cleaner and Dresser

For Oilseed Rape, Peas, Beans and Cereals, attention has been given to minimize the number of conveyors, thus reducing the risk of splitting pulses in particular. Output up to 6 tonnes per hour for cereals into bag sizes up to 1 tonne.

The farmer can control his seed quality by determining how much tail is cleaned out from the sample and returned to the commercial heap for sale. The more tail that static plants clean out, the more their production costs increase, as seed premiums are usually paid to the grower on the whole crop supplied.

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